Nov 21, 2013

Button Preschool Theme

Buttons are such a great way to allow children to add color and texture to glueing projects. Buttons are available to buy in large packages at most department craft stores, and dollar shops. If using buttons that have been donated, make sure to search through the buttons and use the ones that are flat with holes for better attachment. Be prepared for children to be using lots of glue for their art creations.



First of all, simply cutting out shapes, such as Hearts, Easter Eggs, or Pumpkins along with buttons for the children to search through and glue, makes for a fun and easy art process. Some other suggestions are....

  • Buttons for Leaves with Tree Shapes
  • Buttons with Flowers
  • Buttons with Teddybear Shapes or Gingerbread Men
  • Buttons onto Frames (have child holding a sign saying Cute as a Button---great present idea!)

From Preschool Crafts for Kids


1. Buttons in sensory tables with scoops and containers
2. Place Buttons into playdough
3. Use Buttons for Sorting and Sizing
4. Activity Button Sheets: Making Learning Fun Website has great Pete the Cat activity sheets
5. Learning to Button Table activities


To the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb

Trevor has buttons on his shirt, buttons on his shirt, buttons on his shirt
Trevor has buttons on his shirt, how many does he have.
(Change the name and clothing to match the children in the group)

With the popularity of Pete the Cat, including the story of his Groovy Buttons with the book and/or the felt story is a great idea!


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