Oct 27, 2013

Halloween Handprints

This activity not only creates a fun and playful Halloween craft, but the end result can be kept for a child's memory book collection. Whether with a group or just with one, crafts with older babies and toddlers can seem like a challenging feat. Yet, introducing children at a young age to art and craft activities provides them with opportunities to develop their creative selves. In addition, the sensory experience of paper and paint is greatly enjoyed by these little hands. In order to produce a finished result in this following activity, adult hands are definitely required to finish the project effectively. A good idea is to allow a toddler to have fun with the material and create his/her own masterpiece while simultaneously creating the ghosts.

Ghost Hands with White Paper

Material Needed:

  • White construction paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black felt pen or crayon

Fold the white construction paper into fours and trace one chosen hand from the toddler or older baby with a pencil, rounding at the top of the hand. Cut out the hands to create the ghost's body. On a black background, and with the toddler's help, glue the hands upside down onto the paper. Finish the ghost's body with two eyes and a circle for the mouth.

This song can be sung when the project is complete.

To the tune of I'm a Little Teapot

We are friendly ghosts up in the sky
All dressed in white, we fly so high.
Sometimes we call out, and say boo!
If you were a ghost, you'd say it too.

Ghost Handprints with Paint

Alternatively, this activity could be created with white finger paint. Allow the toddler to freely paint onto a separate piece of paper and during this creative process, guide their hands over to black paper and show them how to press their hands flat on the paper to create handprints. This can be tricky for the adult, and the best result requires the grown up to gently guide hand over hand. When dry, the paper can be turned around and the little ghosts completed with eyes and a mouth drawn on each handprint with black felt pen. When finger painting with toddlers, it is a great idea to be prepared for cleanup before hand with soapy water and towels. Have a painting smock for your young child to wear or make one with an old adult shirt. In addition, toddlers should be instructed to keep the paint out of their mouths, but because it will be so tempting, make sure to use finger paint that is safe for children to use.

Halloween is a memorable holiday for all children, and this craft can also be used to mark your child's handprint and perhaps store away or place into a memory book. Handprints are always amazing to look at later on for both the child and the parents and marvel at how small they once were.

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