Apr 20, 2014

Train Preschool Theme

Trains have been a steadfast theme in preschool settings for years. Even though, many young children today will not even set foot onto a real train, there is something that remains magical and endearing for them about them. So many theme and amusement parks have the miniature train rides, and young children can be found sitting there excitedly anticipating the train engine to start up. In addition, Thomas the Tank Engine has cemented the love for trains with many toddlers and preschool children. The following article provides various ideas to include into a train theme within a preschool or daycare curriculum.

Train Crafts for Preschoolers

The shape of a train transfers well to open ended craft projects,  as the engine and cars require simple shapes to make them: rectangles, circles, squares and triangles. The train can be formed with paper shapes and glue, but another suggestion is to use stamps or sponges:

1) Sponge/Stamp Painting: A demonstration would work best with this painting project to illustrate to the preschool children how the shapes will create a train. The spools make wonderful wheels for a train car.
Suggested Material Required:
•Rectangle shaped sponge
•Spools, or circle shaped stamps
•Liquid Paint
•Shallow containers, such as styrofoam trays from the grocery store

From Learning and Teaching Preschoolers

2) Train Craft Using Boxes and/or Egg Cartons

Depending on the size of boxes, this craft idea can be an individual activity or a group activity. The boxes, such as shoe boxes, can be decorated with crayons, felt pens or paint. Other collage items can be made available for children to add detail, like paper squares, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, glitter and so forth. This open ended art project provides young children an opportunity to be imaginative and creative in their art process.

From Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi
3) Match Shapes

Create a template of an engine with places for paper shapes to be glued
Shape Train

Train Songs for Preschoolers

Down by the Station is a classic preschool song about trains. Another one which can be altered to a specific location or name is Engine Number Nine and is great to sing while leading a children train, marching around the room:

Engine Engine Number Nine
Engine engine number nine
Chugging down Chicago Line
If the train goes off the track
Do you want your money back?
Maybe yes, and maybe no
Choo, choo, choo choo

Train Felt Board Activity

See the trains chugging chugging down the track
Engine in the front, caboose in the back
All the colors streaming past
This train’s going very fast!

Snack Idea!

Apr 5, 2014

10 Preschool Activities for Matching Easter Eggs


The Felt Board: Matching Design and Colors.

As Easter is around the corner, creating activities for young children whether for home or an early childhood setting does not have to be complicated. These matching felt eggs can be used on a flannel board or any piece of felt for children to enjoy. Matching allows young children to recognize colors and design. An option for this activity is to make different sizes and then provide opportunities for children to label or find the egg according to the request, for instance, "find me the biggest blue egg or find me the smallest green egg".

Matching sizes

Make Easter eggs, with felt or paper, of different sizes and then provide opportunities for children to match the sizes. In addition, the educator can help label by asking each child a question, such as  "find me the biggest blue egg or find me the smallest green egg".

Matching Plastic Easter Eggs: Color Recognition

From Make andTakes Blog

From Teach Preschool


 Developing Math Skills


                                Numbered Easter Eggs with pom poms for preschool

Letter Recognition

Easter Egg Letter Match

Matching Sounds

Matching Game

Memory Match
From Parents.com

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