Nov 23, 2012

Picture Frame Preschool Crafts: 20 Ideas

In preschool, daycare and primary school settings, when it comes to planning gifts for the children to make for their families, picture frames with photos inside remains a great choice. Following are some ideas...

Frame options:
Popsicle sticks stuck together with a glue gun
Paperplate with circle cut out (turns into a flower nicely)
Bought craft frames: wooden or foam (Michael's is great choice)
Pieces of cardboard-with or without the center removed
Styrofoam trays

Decoration Ideas:

Lots of glue is often needed!
  1. buttons (take photos of child holding a sign saying "Cute as a Button")
  2. googly eyes
  3. old puzzle pieces
  4. pasta (could spray paint gold or silver after completed)
  5. letters (spelling love, dad, mom, etc.)
  6. shells and/or pebbles
  7. candy wrappers ( "you are sweet")
  8. pom poms
  9. bolts (great for Father's Day)
  10. star shapes ("you are a star")
  11. tissue paper
  12. craft jewels and/or old jewelery pieces
  13. heart shapes ("I love you")
  14. flowers pictures from old greeting cards
  15. old maps cut into pieces
  16. straws cut in different sizes
  17. colored sand

No glue needed

18. stickers
19. bingo markers
20. fingerprints or handprints
  • fingerprints or handprints (handprints could be used as antlers, and then two googly eyes, and red pom pom turns it into a reindeer frame)