Jul 20, 2012

Tropical Bird Crafts

Birds are a fun topic for a preschool curriculum. There are many categories of birds and different ways to include birds into a classroom or at home.This article provides preschool craft suggestions for making tropical birds.

Flamingo Preschool Crafts

A Heart Shaped Flamingo: this craft works well for a bird theme, as well as for Valentine's Day. The following materials are required:

Each child will be provided two matching heart shapes cut from pink construction paper. The older preschool children can certainly achieve this step as well. Pink pipe cleaners will then be positioned with the tips placed inside the hearts. One pipecleaner for the neck, and two for the legs. The hearts will then be glued together, securing the pipe cleaners into place. The flamingo's head is provided where a black beak and googly eye is placed. The head is then attached to the top of the neck.

A Handprint Flamingo: in this craft, a preschool child's handprint dipped in pink paint is used for the body of the flamingo. The legs and head can be cut out from clip art or from pink construction paper.

Parrot Preschool Craft

For many parrot preschool crafts, the project begins with the basic body of the parrot. The parrot shape can be front or side view, flying or perched.

Once the shape is chosen, cut out one for each child with color construction paper, such as orange or red. The children can then decorate the parrot using color material that can be glued onto the bird shape. Some examples are:

  • feathers, found at craft stores
  • strips of crepe paper
  • tissue paper
  • yarn
  • strips of construction paper
  • glitter glue
  • rhinestones
  • buttons

Peacock Preschool Crafts

A paper plate can be used for a body to make a peacock craft. Have a blue body shape available to glue onto the paper plate for the peacock's body. Then the rest of the paper plate can be decorated to make the beautiful feathers. The feathers can be created simply by using felt markers, crayons, bingo markers or paint. Other craft material, as above, could be used as well. The children can finish by making the face of the peacock by drawing or using googly eyes.

OR use a coffee filter, and blue and green colored water with eyedroppers!

Tippy Toe Crafts

Another suggestion for making a peacock is to allow children to finger paint with different colors to make the feathers of the peacock.

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