Jul 20, 2012

Math Activity with a Pet Theme

Math Activity with a Pet Theme

At circle time, a great way to teach math concepts and to learn about all the pets collectively owned by the children and their families is to make a pet graph. Before this activity, prepare a graph onto a large sheet of paper with pictures at the top (or bottom) of commonly owned pets, such as a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, and a hamster.
These animals will make the individual vertical rows. A few blank rows should also be included for other pets that are given. Then take a tally of pets. Each child will say what kind of pets they have at home and as the answers are provided, the teacher will mark off a block. After counting each row to encourage math development, questions can be asked:

  • Which row is the highest?
  • Which row is the lowest?
  • What pet do we have the most ?
  • What pet do we have the least?
  • Can you guess how many blocks are in this row?

 ALTERNATIVE: Courtesy of beaconlearning.com
This graphing exercise, which is great to post in the room for families to view, can be used for a variety of themes and  items. Here are just some suggestions: 

  1. Flower counting with a spring walk
  2. Stuffed animals on a teddybear day
  3. Shapes
  4. Fall leaves

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