Jul 20, 2012

Math Activity with a Pet Theme

Math Activity with a Pet Theme

At circle time, a great way to teach math concepts and to learn about all the pets collectively owned by the children and their families is to make a pet graph. Before this activity, prepare a graph onto a large sheet of paper with pictures at the top (or bottom) of commonly owned pets, such as a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, and a hamster.

These animals will make the individual vertical rows. A few blank rows should also be included for other pets that are given. Then take a tally of pets. Each child will say what kind of pets they have at home and as the answers are provided, the teacher will mark off a block. After counting each row to encourage math development, questions can be asked:

  • Which row is the highest?
  • Which row is the lowest?
  • What pet do we have the most ?
  • What pet do we have the least?
  • Can you guess how many blocks are in this row?

  Courtesy of beaconlearning.com

This graphing exercise, which is great to post in the room for families to view, can be used for a variety of themes and  items. Here are just some suggestions: 

  1. Flower counting with a spring walk
  2. Stuffed animals on a teddybear day
  3. Shapes
  4. Fall leaves

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