Nov 22, 2015

Present Exchange Ideas for the Staff Christmas Party

Christmas shopping can get so expensive and stressful. Why not try a gift exchange this year, whether it's used at the Christmas work party, a holiday gathering with friends, or around the Christmas tree with family. With an exchange, each person only has to buy one gift. The gift exchange holds many variations, predominantly Secret Santa and the White Elephant Game. Following are some fun ideas for Christmas gift exchanges that will involve some creativity, but not a lot of money.

Tackiest Christmas Present Exchange

Every guest must bring the tackiest present they can find. There are many sources to buy such gifts:the neighbourhood second hand store, regifting, garage sales and yard sales. Whatever gift the guest leaves with must be displayed in his/her home over the holidays. Try giving a prize to the person who is deemed the best tackiest present giver.

Gifts that are Consumable

With this Christmas gift exchange, the guidelines are, the present and the wrapping has to be material which can be consumed. The presents may be edible or perhaps consumed in other manners, such as candles, tin foil or cleaning supplies. Hopefully the shopper can think about what is appropriate for the person who he/she is buying the consumable present for.

This Christmas Gift Exchange is Brought to You By the Letter...

Following the Sesame Street Slogan, choose a letter for the holiday gift giving. Everyone must find a gift starting with the letter. The giving should have a dollar limit. The shoppers might find one gift or more than one gift, such as a basket filled with items, as long as each gift starts with the same letter. Inevitably, some letters will be harder than others.

Providing a Service for the Christmas Present Exchange

If the crowd of people are really tight with their budget this year, then this gift exchange is very appropriate. Everyone involved must provide a service, such as washing your car, baking a cake, fixing some furniture and so on. Each person has his/her own talent and it will be very appreciated by another person. It may be the best gift one receives. This gift exchange works well in a set up where the gifts can be snatched from others.

The Christmas Present Exchange titled, "Do I use this?"

Guests must go through their belongings, and ask themselves, "do I use this?" If he/she has not used the item over the last year and it was something he/she purchased, then it can be used for this gift exchange. The gift must be in good condition and there should be a price limit. So, when the item was purchased, it cost under a certain amount of money.

Of course, giving gifts should be meaningful, but also it should be fun. These Christmas gift exchange ideas will hopefully bring some laughter and entertainment to the holiday party

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