May 3, 2014

Baby Preschool Lesson Plan

A preschool lesson plan all about babies is a fun topic for three and four year olds and allows them to feel proud of all the skills they have developed since they were babies themselves. The following outline provides some ideas to include in a Baby Preschool Lesson Plan. A baby theme can be extended or combined with other preschool themes, such as Multiculturalism or All About Me.


Circle TIme Activities:

1. Make a chart of what a baby does versus what a child does, with the preschool children providing the answers.

2. Play a memory game with baby items on a tray. Cover the tray with a baby blanket, while taking one item away. Items to consider: rattle, baby jar, baby spoon, bib, diaper, rubber duckie, baby doll.

3. Make an obstacle course for the children to crawl through like a baby.

4. Teach the children basic baby signs.

5.Ask each child to bring in a baby photo and have the group try and guess which classmate is pictured in the photo.

6.Have a show and tell day with a baby theme: baby sister or brother, baby keepsake album, etc.


  1. Miss Polly Had a Dolly
  2. Rock a Bye Baby
  3. Wheels on the Bus
  4. Hush Little Baby


I'll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Are You My Mother? by Dr. Suess
The New Baby by Mercer Mayer
I'm a Big Brother (I'm a Big Sister) by Joanna Cole


  1. Create baby feet by using the fist of a hand, and five toes created with fingerpaint
  2. Collect baby photos from magazines and let the children make a baby collage
  3. Make a book titled, "When I Was a Baby..." Have each child draw a picture and answer the question. Put the pages together to make a classroom book.
  4. Make a baby blanket (quilt) with material or paper squares.
Other additions....

Place dolls and baby items into the water table and drama area.

Take a field trip to a local Baby Store

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