Dec 15, 2013

Snow and Ice Preschool Activities

Activities surrounding ice for a preschool curriculum are appropriate during the winter season as many young children are experiencing these weather conditions at this time of the year. Bringing the weather inside to the classroom environment as well as bringing an indoor activity, like painting, outside is a fun way for preschoolers to learn and explore the cold sensations of ice and snow. In addition, even if the weather is warm outdoors, the ice can be made in the freezer for children to enjoy. The following article will present some craft, science and sensory activities for an early childhood setting.

Snow Inside a Sensory Table

A sensory table is commonly used for sand or water, but it can provide young children with hands-on experiences and learning opportunities with a variety of material. Snow can be brought into a sensory table from the outside along with pails and shovels. In addition, play dough and/or sand molds can be used with the snow to create shapes. The teacher can facilitate a learning process by asking open ended questions, such as why do you think the snow is melting?" and "What is the snow melting into?" and so forth.

Ice Exploration in a Sensory Table

Ice shapes made in a freezer, or placed outside overnight if weather is below freezing, with different shaped containers is a gret activity for the winter season during an ice and snow theme. A few drops of food coloring can be placed in with the water to make different color ice shapes. Placing little toys inside can be enjoyable for young children as well. The containers should have a wide opening to allow the shapes to easily fall out into the sensory tables. When all the ice formations are created and emptied into the sensory table, tools can be placed inside the table as well to allow children to explore the ice while fostering fine motor skills, such as spray bottles of water, salt shakers, and eye droppers

Check out these amazing sculptures from a preschool website:
From Dunluce Preschool Website

Painting with Ice

Ice can be used instead of a paintbrush to create a unique way of making art. The ice brushes are created by using ice popsicles, which the caregiver can make by using store bought popsicle trays filled with water. When the ice sticks are ready, then each child will be provided a piece of paper, preferably finger painting paper which is shiny and firm enough to absorb liquid. Powder paint is then shaken onto the paper and the children can use the water melting from their ice to create the paint and picture.

Creating Art Outside in Winter

There are a variety of ways to create art outside with the winter weather. One way is to provide children with paint pucks and paintbrushes outside to paint ice, hard snow or the snowman! Another idea is to fill spray bottles with color water made with a some drops of food coloring. The spray bottles will leave color designs on the white snow.This activity does leave the the hands cold, so it is a good idea to warm up inside right after the creative fun.

Ice and Salt Science Experiment

A science tray filled with ice cubes and a salt shaker provides young children an opportunity to explore the two elements together, and determine what happens to the ice when salt is placed onto it. This can turn into a lengthier science activity as predictions by each child and then the results are recorded. Furthermore, the preschoolers can learn that salt is used on our roads and sidewalks to melt the ice for safety reasons.

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