Jun 21, 2013

Garden Theme: Preschool Songs

Flower Fingerplay Song

This finger play song about tulips and bulbs works well with a glove puppet and is found on a wonderful website called Make Learning Fun.

Ten tulip bulbs planted in the ground

Waiting very quiet without a sound

The sun came up and the rain came down

And one little tulip popped out of the ground.

The song continues up to five or ten with each new tulip being displayed by the puppeteer.

Children Action Songs about Gardening

A great way for children to enjoy and participate with music is to add actions to the song's lyrics. The following song about gardening can easily include actions with each verse.

Song #1 To the tune of Farmer in the Dell:

The farmer plants the seeds.

The farmer plants the seeds.

High ho the derry oh,

The farmer plants the seeds.

Second Verse: The sun comes out to shine.

Third Verse: The rain begins to fall.

Fourth Verse: The seeds begin to grow.

Fifth Verse: The farmer digs them up

Song #2 This song is a rendition of "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little watering can, tall and thin

To fill me up, just pour the water in.

Tip me over, the drops sprinkle out.

"Thanks for the drink", the flowers do shout!

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