Jul 20, 2012

Playdough Ideas

Playdough is a wonderful physical and creative activity for young children that fosters a variety of developments and skills in children. Playdough can easily be made in the kitchen. Most recipes include instructions to  make playdough over the stove. An alternative choice is to use boiling water from the kettle. When making the playdough, it is a good idea to stir the ingredients quickly and knead right away to create the desired consistency. Ingredients can be added after if the playdough is too dry or too wet. The playdough mix should be kept in a plastic bag or closed container when it is not being used and depending on the air quality of a room, and the amount of hands that play with the dough, it should last for a least a week or longer.
This website is an awesome resource for playdough recipes: www.playdoughrecipe.com

 Following are some variations and suggested items to put out with playdough in addition to the classic rolling pin and cookie cutters:

  • koolaid package inside the playdough recipe will make it smell fruity and provides color
  • a touch of tempera paint or food coloring while making the recipe
  • sparkles inside the playdough
  • vanilla or other spices
  • place buttons out with the playdough
  • candles along with baking sheet or cupcake liners
  • little plastic animals
  • plastic utensils
  • container lids that have a raised image for making prints
  • ice cube trays
  • craft sticks, popsicle sticks
  • googly eyes

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