Feb 20, 2017

Online Early Childhood Workshops with Circle of Ideas

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Circle of Ideas Early Childhood Online Workshops

"Thank you for your quick response to providing my Certificate ...and your supportive comments!

The Workshops you are providing are such a help to me!  The service you provide that allows me to sit in my own home and complete these workshops and still feel I have come away with more knowledge and educational ideas than when I started them is key to staying current! "

Penny, Early Childhood Educator, August 2018


"I am glad I stumbled upon your website. I have truly enjoyed these workshops and will continue them in the future"

Debbie, Early Childhood Educator, June 2018

"Thanks so much for doing these courses online, I really enjoy doing them and asking others for their answers. I feel like it helps me to know them just a little bit more!" 

Christine, Early Childhood Educator, January 2018

"I would like to thank you for your amazing online programs!  I have gained so much knowledge from them and they are so clear to understand.  I definitely recommend your courses to my fellow ECE's and parents." 

Melissa, Early Childhood Educator, February 2017 

"I really enjoyed all your ideas for different, concrete, usable ways to foster math learning with Preschoolers. I will definitely be using some of your suggestions! And in general I loved the course...it was easy to use and very useful. Your ideas were clear and very real with things I have already in my home that I can use. Plus, because there was the assignment part of the course,  it made me think of how I can incorporate your ideas into my little group. I really look forward to taking some of your other classes. Thanks a bunch!"

Maria, Quebec, December 2016

"Dear Christine, Thank you very much! I really enjoyed your workshops. I will take some workshops in the future. All the best for you! Best regards,"

Ying Yi Li, April 2016

"Thanks for getting those certificates to me so quickly! I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for your kind feedback."

Vivian, Early Childhood Educator, BC, January 2016

"Thank you so much for taking the time to put together trainings for preschool teachers! In this economy, it is difficult to afford offsite trainings (most teachers have little or no budget) and is difficult to find trainings that fit teacher's schedules. Your trainings are convenient, affordable, easy to take and are informative--based on everyday needs of the children in our care. They provide great suggestions for ideas for activities, educate on how the content area helps the growth and development of preschoolers as well as offer suggestion to teachers on how to implement the content area (i.e. Sensory Play) into the teacher's planning. Your workshop has helped me to meet the state of Nebraska (United States) annual training requirements and helped me to refocus on a core area that has, to be honest, been neglected in our classroom! Thank you again!"

Cheryl, Preschool Teacher and Website Owner