Feb 17, 2016

Preschool Pig Theme

Whether it comes from the interests of the children, or chosen by the adult, when we focus on a topic in an early childhood setting, it is important that the theme still involves program planning which meets the needs of the whole child.  Focusing on one topic can be both educational and fun.  Following are some ideas on how to set up a preschool or childcare environment surrounding pigs.

Inform Families About the Pig Theme

Setting up the day in a newsletter or other form of communication is one of the first steps in creating the theme. Invite the children to bring in a pig from home, whatever the form, whether it is a book, a stuffed animal, a plastic toy and so forth.  Have a special dress up day wear everyone wears pink!.

Setting the Preschool Room for a Pig Theme

  • Fill up a sensory table with pigs and other farm animals, with straw or oats
  • Find plastic pigs and/or shapes to put with pink play dough (a good way of getting pink is to use a berry kool-aid package with the making of playdough)
  • An open ended art area filled with pink collage items and those that would correlate well to making a pig such as individual egg cartons, and circles. 
  • Fill your library area up with books all around pigs
  • Place pig photos and pictures up all around the room
  • Find a plastic piggy bank for children to interact with
  • Put pink streamers up on the walls and entrance way
  • Put out paper and pencil crayons with pictures of pigs to encourage children to draw

Circle Time

Circle time is a great place to start talking about any topic. Ask the children what they know about pigs. Record the children's answer on a piece of paper to post later on for the parents to view. Pigs have been a popular animal with children's songs and nursery rhymes for years. Perhaps, thinking about all the stories and songs with pigs in it might be a fun way to gather information. Teach the children the sign for pig:

Children's Stories about Pigs


Preschool Songs for a Pig Theme

Three Pink Pigs

Suggested tune: Three Blind Mice

Three pink pigs, three pink pigs.
Rolling in the mud, rolling in the mud.
They saw a farmer at the gate door.
They ran so fast across the mud floor.
Food was served and they wanted some more,
Those three muddy pigs.

  • Another idea for singing songs during a pig theme day is to oink through a well known song like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Young children love a bit of silliness during a structured space.

  • Try singing the "Hokey Pokey" but substituted the lyrics with ones appropriate to the animal, such as put your curly tail in and put your curly tail out.

Other Classics: 

Three Little Pigs Sequencing Cards
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