May 23, 2015

Ideas for a Preschool Bird Theme

A preschool theme about birds can include a variety of categories, for instance:

birds around the world

Introduce the Bird Theme at Circle Time

Before beginning a theme about birds, during circle time, ask the children what they know about birds. Record their answers and use the information as a starting point for learning. Some questions to ask children are:

  • What does a bird look like?
  • What makes a bird different than a dog?
  • Are there birds around your home?
  • Do you have a bird as a pet?
  • Where do baby birds come from?
  • What colors do you see on birds?
Place the children's answers on a bulletin board for parent to read, for example, on bird wings or the belly of a penguin.

Fun Facts About Birds for a Preschool Lesson Plan

Provide the children with some basic facts about birds, without getting into a lot of detail. In this way, young children can rehearse what they already know, be provided affirmation of their own knowledge, and for some, be learning the basic information for the first time. Some bird facts to give preschool children:

  • Birds are the only animal with feathers.
  • Most birds can fly.
  • Birds have beaks.
  • Birds have two legs.
  • Birds make nests.
  • Birds lay eggs.
  • Birds are warm blooded.
  • There are more than 9,000 species of birds.
  • Birds can be found around the world.
  • Birds come in many different sizes, colors and shapes.
Having pictures of birds to show the children is always helpful in the learning process, particularly for young children who are visual learners, ESL and have speech delays. Find books at the library, look for bird calendars, scour magazines for images or use the computer.

Birds From Around The World

Once the facts have be given and provided, explain to the children that their preschool curriculum will include birds around the world. One suggestion is to choose one or two birds from a geographical region and focus program planning around those birds or one bird. This way, each geographical region can follow a week long lesson plan. Another suggestion involves spontaneity and time restricted program planning, which is to have the children decide on what bird they want to learn about. Display a map of the world, and place a picture of the chosen bird on its geographical location. The following list suggest some birds in geographical regions around the world.

  1. Arctic Birds: penguins, snowy owl
  2. Tropical Birds: parrots, flamingo, peacock
  3. "Local" Birds: ducks pigeons, robin
  4. Desert Birds: roadrunner, ostrich
  5. Downunder Birds: kookaburra, kiwi
Indeed there are so many birds to choose from. For instance, birds found around the ocean and other water sources is a big topic including such birds as seagulls, ducks, and pelicans.

Field Trips for a Bird Preschool Lesson Plan

A theme on birds would work well with a field trip to see the real thing. A local pet store or a bird sanctuary would be great choices. If those locations are not possible, try taking the children to local parks or water sources to view the birds that live locally.


With well known bird species, you will more likely find ideas for crafts, songs, poems, books and activities with online sources and from books in the library.  The following links will bring you to other articles and program planning ideas for a bird themes.

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