Feb 17, 2014

Sharing Ideas in Early Childhood Education

"In the beginning, as we learn to be caregivers and teachers ,we borrow ideas from experts in the field. As we grow, we create and develop. To complete the circle, we share our ideas and experiences. Always, in the middle, the children are embraced by our circle of ideas."  

                Christine Moore, www.circleofideaseceworkshops.com

I truly believe in Early Childhood Education, in other professions, and life for that matter, we share ideas. Earlier in the profession, I am going to admit, that I was guilty of holding onto other another adjective in respects to ideas and that word, first and foremost, was ownership. Therefore, the opposite word would be to steal. I think back to a time about ten years ago...

I was offered the Head Preschool position in the 3 year old program. Over the year, I created a a full calendar of preschool planning curriculum, which I was excited to develop for the upcoming years as well. I had developed the theme files with templates, samples, pictures and so forth. Anyone who follows curriculum planning or who likes to be organized would appreciate the work involved. Then, at the end of the Preschool year I was promoted to the Supervisor position and transferred to the four year old program where I was expected to create a new curriculum. In the fall, as I watched the three year old preschool children walking out the door with "craft" projects that I had planned the year before, I could feel myself bubbling up inside. I was upset. I thought, those were my ideas and the other Preschool Teacher stole them from me. After feeling this way for some time, I had to ask myself the true question, "But are those ideas really yours? Where did you get the ideas?" And by asking myself the questions, I had to admit that although I chose them, I roamed the internet looking for them, they were not mine. I too borrowed original ideas. This, was also before Pinterest!

I look back and cannot believe I had that attitude for now, I am honored and touched if someone is using my idea, or an idea I saw or heard of.  I have produced many online workshops and one of the more repeated compliments I receive from the participants is thank you for all the great ideas. And, I think to  myself, well the thank yous should be spread out to all those I borrowed from, to all educators, and then thank yourself for liking the idea that you may very well use with the children.

               "I love when ideas bounce back and forth."

And I am still wanting to borrow ideas. I love when ideas bounce back and forth. Presently, I am working with women who have been in the field for a long time, and the ideas are bountiful! Quite often, I have my camera out, recording table set ups, or writing down songs. 

"Ideas roll from one person to the other, and in the end, the creation is for the eyes and ears of the children"

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