Feb 14, 2012

Open Them, Shut Them

 Recently,  I was visiting my sister's house, and she said, "oh I have a book for you!" She pulled out a book titled, "The Romper Room Book of Finger Plays and Rhymes". I laughed because I gave her that book. Several years ago, I was clearing out the basement storage area of the preschool I use to work at. The preschool is thirty years old, at least, and so there was quite a collection of old books down in the storage. When I found this particular book, I gave it to my sister for a baby shower present because we use to watch Romper Room WAY WAY back when. And, if anyone knows Romper Room, then you'll realize my sister is an older mom. (lol)  I barely remember the show, but my two older sisters do.  Anyway, I looked through the book again and found this extended version of the fingerplay song, "Open Them, Shut Them".

In case the lyrics cannot be viewed easily, here are the words

Open them, shut them, Open them, shut them,
Give a little clap!
Open them, shut them, open them, shut them,
Lay them in your lap.

Creep them, creep them,  creep them, creep them,
Way up to your chin.
Open up your little mouth,
But do not let them in.

Open them, shut them, open them, shut them,
To your shoulders fly.
Then like little birdies
Let them flutter to the sky.

Falling, falling, falling, falling,
Almost to the ground.
Quickly pick them up again,
And turn them round and round.

Faster, faster, faster, faster,
Slower, slower, slower, slower

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